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MS ENG : Pioneering the future of the high-tech gas industry with a total gas engineering system

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Company Overview

MS ENG provides high-quality services to lead the continuous growth of customers.

Hello, thank you for visiting the MS ENG website.

MS ENG is exceeding our sales performance target every year through continuous technology development and research in gas/plant, tank manufacturing, tank re-inspection, KOLAS, gas equipment manufacturing and renewable green energy growth field.

Since its foundation in 1982 as Wongiyeon, MS ENG has developed into a gas and gas-related company for over 30 years, producing many experts and accumulating know-how to reach today's Gas Comprehensive Center.

In the future, MS ENG will continue to play a leading role in the continuous development of applied technology and challenges for the future in order to meet the needs of our customers whose needs are becoming more sophisticated and diversified as technology progresses.


Company Name
MS ENG Co., Ltd.
Company Establishment
May 14, 1982
Hyun Dae Shin

Main Business Area

Hydrogen dispenser, equipment development, plant facility, tank field, specific facility re-inspection and safety diagnosis, gas equipment manufacturing and new/renewable energy green growth field

CEO Greeting

In order to contribute to the national economy along with the development of the gas industry, MS ENG Co., Ltd., which has only walked one road in the gas-related manufacturing industry for over 30 years, is participating in the overall industry with advanced technology.

In spite of the difficult internal and external circumstances of unlimited competition, we will strive to become a company that attracts attention not only in Korea but also in the world through continuous technological improvement and new market development.

And thanks to the encouragement and trust of our customers, we are diligently overcoming hardships and building solid foundation for a bigger leap forward. In particular, we will strive to develop and improve the quality of liquid hydrogen, an eco-friendly energy source that has recently emerged as a global concern, including storage/transport tanks, chargers, and valves for the production and distribution of liquid hydrogen.

We will continue to develop safer and more reliable products. We will do our best to become a company that customers can trust and choose by supplying them. Thank you.


Hyundae Shin

Company History

MS ENG is recognized for its technology and capabilities with a long history in the gas and energy industries.


  • 2022. 8.

    ‘Hydrogen enterprise’ certificate acquisition


  • 2021. 12.

    Achieves 16.6 billion won in sales


  • 2020. 12.

    Achieves 14 billion won in sales


  • 2018. 10.

    Starts initial production of hydrogen dispenser


  • 2017. 3.

    SGS YARSLEY ISO 9001 certificate reacquistion


  • 2016. 3.

    China Special Equipment License (CSEL) certification acquisition

    Selected as a youth-friendly small and medium-sized company


  • 2015. 5.

    Recertification of technology innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (INNO-BIZ)


  • 2014. 12.

    ASME STAMP certificate ("S", "U", "PP", "U2") acquisition

    CE-PED certificate acquisition

    OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate acquistion

  • 2014. 2.

    ISO14001 certificate acquisition

  • 2014. 1.

    Selected as an excellent entrepreneur by Busan Metropolitan City


  • 2013. 12.

    Receives 1 million dollar tower award on the 50th Trade Day

  • 2013. 9.

    Receives the 'Minister of Health and Welfare Award' from the Resurgence Small and Medium Business Development Institute


  • 2012. 9.

    [Multifunctional cleaning and disinfection device for welfare equipment] patent acquisition


  • 2011. 2.

    Establishes Small & Medium Business Development/Support Institution


  • 2009. 10.

    Flashback arrestor certification from Korea Gas Safety Corporation (first in Korea) acquisition

  • 2009. 3.

    Patent certification as [CE TANK's pearlite injection method]


  • 2008. 10.

    Bureau Veritas (BV) certification acquisition

    Registeres as a company specializing in renewable energy (hydrogen, bioenergy)

    Registers safety valves for cryogenic GLOBE and NG GAS for Korea Gas Corporation

  • 2008. 5.

    [Gas injection valve] patent reacquistion


  • 2006. 12.

    CE Mark certification for charger acquisition

  • 2006. 7.

    ASME STAMP certification ("S", "U" STAMP) acquisition

  • 2006. 5.

    Venture Company certification acquisition


  • 2005. 3.

    Utility model registration certification as [Loading arm with handle]


  • 2004. 4.

    Patent certification as [control device and method for oil refueling such as gas filling]

  • 2004. 1.

    MS ENG Jinyoung factory goes into operation


  • 2002. 3.

    Creates 'In-house Labor Welfare Fund


  • 2001. 1.

    Corporate Identity change: Wongiyeon Co., Ltd. → MS ENG Co., Ltd.


  • 1999. 4.

    SGS/KGS ISO9001 certification acquisition


  • 1997. 12.

    ISO9001 certification from Korea Management Association acquisition


  • 1992. 11.

    Selected as a promising small business by Woori Bank

  • 1992. 1.

    LPG business (LPG tank and equipment) starts


  • 1988. 3.

    Trade business license (NO. 382113), high-pressure gas license acquisition


  • 1983. 11.

    Construction Business license acquistion : starts gas facility construction business


  • 1982. 5.

    Wonki-Yeon Co., Ltd. (Predecessor to MS ENG Co., Ltd.) establilshed (current Headquarter location)

Organization Chart

Organization Chart


"MS ENG leads the gas industry and energy industry by acquiring the latest quality certifications."

ISO 9001인증(KGSC)

ISO 9001인증(SGS)

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001


ASME S Stamp

ASME U Stamp

ASME U2 Stamp


BV Approval of Welding Procedure

UL 인정서(Valve)

National Board



부산시 선도기업

공인검사기관 인정서

산업자원부 기술표준원 공인검사기관 인정서

CSEL(China Special Equipment License)




비상 분리 커플링

펄라이트 충진방법 특허증)

복지용구용 다기능 세척 및 소독장치 특허증

각종 복지용구의 세척 및 소독장치용 턴테이블 특허증

전문건설업 (가스 시공업 1종)

전문건설업 (기계설비공사업)

전문건설업 (금속구조물·창호공사업)

신·재생에너지 전문기업 등록증

초저온 글로브밸브 등록증

천연가스 안전밸브 등록증

초저온 체크밸브 등록증

무역업 등록증


부품/소재 전문기업

벤처기업 확인서

특정설비 제조업 허가

가스용품 제조업 허가

Production Facility

MS ENG is recognized for its technology and capabilities with a long history in the gas and energy industries.

  • Headquarter
  • Headquarter
  • Jinyoung Factory
  • Jinyoung Factory
  • 선반 460 x 1,000 2기
  • 선반 580 x 1,500 2기
  • 선반 710 x 2,000 2기
  • 선반 580 x 1,500 2기
  • CNC선반 Hi-ECO 10,21 4기
  • CNC선반 Hi-ECO-21 2기
  • CNC선반 PUMA 12L 2기
  • CNC선반 Hi-ECO-21 2기
선반 460 X 1,000 2기 선반 580 X 1,500 2기 선반 710 X 2,000 2기 CNC선반 Hi-ECO 10,21 4기 CNC선반 Hi-ECO-21 2기 CNC선반 PUMA 12L 2기 RADIAL DRILL JRD-950D 3기 2-HEAD DRILL NK-SH-MD200 1기 MILLING M/C WMTA-1,000 2기 COLD CHAMBER 1기 GRINDING & POLISING MACHINE 1기 MOUNTING PRESS 1기 METALLURGICAL MICROSCOPE 1기 MITUTOYO 2차원 측정기 1기
  • 터닝로라


  • 로링머신


  • 자동용접기


  • 진공펌프


  • 파이프밴딩기


  • 개선가공기


유압밴딩 롤라 1기 자동터닝 롤라 4기 프라즈마 1기 스브머지드 용접기 1기 진공펌프 4기 Mechanical Booster Pump 4기 세척용 펌프 1기 AUTO W/D MACHINE

Customer Delivery Status

Valve & Dispenser Business Unit
Products Key Customers
Valves (including LPG) Kogas, Daelim, Hanwha, Posco, Lindekorea, SK, E1, GS caltex, Hanyang Gas etc.
Hydrogen dispenser Hyosung, JNK heater, Hyundai-rotem, Valmax, Nktech, Bumhan, Airliquide, Daedo Hygen etc.
Ultra high pressure safety valve Hydrogen charging station(Hyosung, Hyundai-rotem etc.), Test facilities, MIX GAS facilities etc.
Plant Business Unit
Facility Type Installation Status
Ammonia (NH3) storage facility

Yeongheung Thermal Power Plant / Dangjin Thermal Power Plant etc.

Posco Gwangyang / Pohang sintering plant etc.

Freon supply and storage facility

LG Electronics, SAMSUNG Electronics, DAEWOO Electronics etc.

LPG filling and storage facility

Gangjin Energy, Sandong GAS, E1, Oilbank, GS caltex etc.

General high-pressure gas supply facility & storage facility installation status

PKC, Lindekorea, Hanjin heavy industries & construction, Finebesteel etc.

Renewable Energy (Hydrogen station, polysilicon manufacturing process)

Hydrogen station(GS caltex) etc.



165, Hakjang-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan


TEL) +82-51-312-5501

FAX) +82-51-326-3061

Jinyoung Factory

1029, Hallim-ro, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do


TEL) +82-55-343-5041~3

FAX) +82-55-343-5217

Affiliate Companies

MS ENG is pioneering the future of the gas industry with its affiliates.

Starting as a high-pressure gas manufacturing company in 1974,
MS GROUP has grown to become a gas complex center with nine corporate bodies spread throughout Korea.

About MS Group

Business Develop. Inquiry

For business development service, please contact us by phone or email.